About footgolf

If you need activity in the field of team building, relaxation and good mood, then your answer is FootGolf. FootGolf is a sport that combines two popular sports – football and golf. It is an excellent way to do sports with family, friends, co-workers, business partners ….. to enjoy, relax and enjoy the free time of the day outside in the fresh air and a pleasant atmosphere in a green golf or foot golf course. FootGolf is a great activity in the field of team building and ours Skalica Footgolf Club knows how to make it a unique experience:

– you can play at any age or gender (children, juniors, women, men, seniors …)
– healthy outdoor sports, no injuries, sprains or bruises from football;
– no monotonous training
– reasonable price (significantly lower than in many other sports activities)
– The duration of the tournament or FootGolf game is up to 3 hours. During this time of sports activity, you will feel relaxation of body and soul, positive thinking in the circle of the team or family …..

FootGolf can be compared to a walk in the park. Therefore, more or less sports active, younger or older employees, family members can meet to enjoy this sport together.
It’s a friendly, good mood game.
FootGolf does not require special equipment, the rules can be quickly learned and understood. Our club benefits include discounted entry to the course, personal assistance in creating and managing the tournament, technical support for the management of Footgolf club Skalica. We can also during the tournament, respectively. games provided at reasonable prices Catering, refreshments in a local golf restaurant. Team building and family with FootGolf is the most advantageous activity!