Basic rules


Please follow the code of clothing on the golf course. Footgolf players wear golfer-like clothing – short cotton pants with cams, a polo shirt (T-shirt with a collar) and stucco. You can play footgolf in sneakers, but turfs are recommended – shoes with small sticks for artificial grass. Football clothing and football boots are strictly forbidden.


Footgolf is played with football balls of size no. 5, each player plays with one marked ball to be able to distinguish it from the opponent. In the group – flights, there are max. 4 players, unless otherwise specified by the organizer in the tournament. The ball is kicked from the marked tee towards the hole. The player who got the ball into the hole with the fewest kicks wins.
Kicks may only be made with the following parts of the foot:

  • The inner side
  • outer side
  • toe
  • digging with a heel
  • straight instep of the foot

Each contact with the ball counts as one kick. Unplayable ball, e.g. under a tree or in water, it is picked no closer to the hole and the player scores one penalty kick.

It is important to follow the golf etiquette on the course and players:

  • they will not behave noisily
  • they will not leave behind garbage, empty bottles, etc. (then there are rubbish bins distributed throughout the complex)
  • they will fully respect the pace of golf flights ahead
  • they will not interfere in any way with the playing golfers by their behavior
  • they will not damage low-cut grass areas (tee, greens, fairways)
  • they will fully respect the instructions and orders of the Marshal of the field or the reception manager
  • they will not repeat already played balls, holes, tracks or change the order of the playing tracks during the game
  • they will follow the proper pace of the game and will not delay golfers
  • observe the number of players in the flute, max. 4 people during training
  • they will not damage, resp. relocate golf equipment
  • the player has the right to take an escort (max. 2 persons, who announce at the reception, guaranteeing that the members of the escort will not participate in the game in any way and will respect all the rules of operation of the golf course escort of the player, but must comply with all provisions set out in this point and especially with regard to prescribed clothing.
  • they will not take any animals on the field during tournaments organized by SFGA.

WARNING! If these instructions are not followed and there is a repeated violation of the rules by specific players, the club management may forbid them to enter the golf / foot golf course, or even be excluded from the SFGA!