About us

Establishment of the club

Establishment of the club April 2019, two sports enthusiasts and former football players – Ján Holič and Roman Vajaš, gave birth to the common idea to try the then little-known sport – Footgolf. They have registered for the Slovak Footgolf Association (SFGA) and the International Footgolf Federation (FIFG), and have participated in several domestic and foreign tournaments. Over time, they created their own club called “Footgolf Club Skalica”.

Club vision

In an effort to increase sports and cultural awareness of this sport, Footgolf Club Skalica and its members participate in competitions in the categories of Men, Seniors, Women and Juniors, in tournaments organized by:

SFGA (Slovak Footgolf Association) in Slovakia

FIFG (International Footgolf Federation) worldwide

∎ individual member countries associated in the regions (North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania)


In accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 83/1990 Coll. a preparatory committee composed of: Ján Holič, Mgr. Roman Vajaš and Roman Ňukovič on the 20th. August 2019, Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic on the registration of a civic association called: Footgolf club Skalica, with its registered office Štvrte v jazernom poli 2650, 909 01 Skalica, and subsequently on December 9, 2019 the ministry officially registered this association.
On the 18th. December 2019, this civic association was assigned ID: 52610900, 22. January 2020 – VAT number: 2121163495, and from 16. March 2020, this association is also a VAT payer with ID number: SK 2121163495.
Monday 4. On January 1, 2021, a regular meeting of the inaugural membership meeting was convened at the MORGHAN facility in Myjava, convened by the preparatory committee of the civic association and chaired by Mr. Roman Ňukovič.

We select from the resolution:
By public vote, the members’ meeting approved:
The presidency of the civic association in the following composition:
Ján Holič – president
Miloš Valo – vice-president

Auditor of the civic association – Roman Ňukovič