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20.8.2020 Thursday at 16:30 Game system: Texas scramble pair Deployed players (professionals, amateurs) will be selected from the list of entrants, to whom players will be assigned (beginners, new potential players for the future, mostly current footballers or those who have ended their careers). Rules: Both players kick the ball off the tee. Then they…

individual sports activity – guidance

Due to the newly adopted pandemic measures, mass sports events are prohibited from 15.10.2020. Individual sports activity hereinafter referred to as ISA, 22.10.2020 Vineyard GGGR Skalica playground – reserved time for ISA from 14:00 to 15:15. -Login: – Footgolf fee: 15€ cash -Time determined for your ISA will be published on the FB page…

Footgolf operating rules of the course – COVID-19